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Espacio de oficina abierta

The principles used for the location of an office or workplace are essentially the same  as for selecting a location for a project or business.


When you have the additional data of the ceo, you can also try to select the building, floor and orientations more in line with its corresponding minimum number.


It is important to have all the history of the place, its previous camera orientation, etc.

Although it must be taken into account that the previous history of a site should not be considered as the only determinant, since depending on annual changes or twenty-year cycles, it can be modified for better or worse.




  • Report, study and aerial analysis of the location of the commercial point - delimitation of objectives.

  • Analysis of the plan of the area or shopping center, especially oriented towards the Celestial Guardians. Terrain forms, M

  • Internalforms  . (BA-ZHAI school).

  • Mingua number   of each of the people who will work in the place, favorable and unfavorable orientations. How to enhance your personal goals –. Delimitation of favorable areas for projects.

  • Horoscope analysis  Chino- personality overview based on four pillars of destiny: year, day and hour of birth of the business owner.

  • Business Ba Gua Map Analysis

  • Flying star analysis: studying the system as a whole, time and space. Its combination based on the objectives set.

  • Analysis of each of the rooms: Desk position, location with respect to the door, location of power, Yin tasks and yang tasks

  • Recommendations to be made before activating and strengthening objectives and goals.

  • How to activate Feng Shui for the different aspirations.

  • Tips for designing an office: windows, difference in work groups, colors according to the classification and business objective. Includes Logo  e image to be projected.

  • The five elements projection of senses: based on the type of business.

  • In the study of feng shui practical examples are provided to make the corresponding changes, always leaving absolute freedom to your tastes, decoration style  and of course to your imagination.

Based on the size, levels of the house, a quote will be made that you can pay online


An online study has many advantages

  1. Cheaper than a face-to-face one since I do not have to travel.

  2. We can do it from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access and a mobile.

  3. You decide when you start applying it

  4. Periodic online follow-ups.  60-day follow-ups by whats up or Skype

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