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        Sectores Favorables del Feng Shui 2022

Northwest – 6 White Star 六白

The White 6 Star represents the maximum yang power and that is why its best contribution is to promote authority or leadership capacity.  Unfortunately, it can also induce loneliness and is not the best Qi for people lonely or with relationship problems.

Creates very strong wealth and career luck for those who activate it correctly. It is a very important area of the home and workplace; especially for those involved in politics, leadership role, jewelry or a management position. The Northwest is a key area for wealth and career luck in the year of the Tiger.

Take special care in February, March, July, September, November and December

Adjustment to Feng Shui 2022

If you have the bedroom or key factor here, keep the 6 star White, weakened through Water Element 水 associations, such as a bowl of clean water, a mini water garden, or strong blue or black objects. In this way, you limit the possibility that it transmits sadness or the need for social isolation.

This area is not good for candles this year, so avoid lighting candles here unless the monthly flying stars allow it.

Place Water Element


Northeast – White 8 Star 八白

In Feng Shui 2022, the White 8 Star or “Angel of Prosperity”, flies to the northeast palace, making it the “Wealth Sector of the Year”. In addition to facilitating income generation, this prosperous star strengthens family values and spirituality. People under its influence are more realistic, more constant, improve their personal relationships and have a chance to be successful through perseverance and hard work. If you have the advantage of having a key factor in the Northeast, you have excellent support to start businesses, expand companies, make investments or take professional risks.

Remember… To activate this Prosperous Qi, you need to make frequent use of the sector. In case it hosts the main door, the star is activated and therefore enabled to reveal itself. If you have wasted it, try to rescue it for some activity.

Adjustment to Feng Shui 2022

Supports the Qi of the annual star through associations of the Earth Element 土, such as square shapes, colors in the yellow range, decorative stones, crystals or terrariums. You can also use the Fire Element 火, through red, purple objects or lighted candles. In any case, make sure to use objects that you can easily remove, when a monthly adjustment requires it.

Please note that despite its benevolence, the northeast is a direction affected by the force of the  Grand Duke 2022  and as such should not be bothered with invasive activities


South – Star 9 Purple 九紫

The Purple 9 Star or the Angel of Vitality, flies to the southern palace, making it the “Second Wealth Sector” in the year 2022. As the future ruling star, it has the power to channel wealth and personal success; however, perhaps its best contribution is to provide extroversion, passion, motivation, advancement, innovation, fame, positive thoughts, happiness, romance, harmonious relationships and auspicious events. Consequently, people under its influence become more proactive, do not give in to difficulties and, as a result, achieve sustained success. If you have a key factor here, the year is particularly suitable for making investments, promoting yourself, consolidating your relationship, getting married, getting engaged or finding a partner.

Remember… To activate this Prosperous Qi, you just need to make frequent use of the sector. In case it hosts the main door, the star is activated and therefore enabled to reveal itself

Adjustment to Feng Shui 2022:

Since the palace is harmonic and lucky, you can preserve that condition through associations of the Fire 火 and Earth 土 elements, such as red objects, lighted candles, square shapes, colors in the yellow range, decorative stones , crystals and terrariums


North – White Star 1 一白

The 1 White Star, also known as the "Angel of Good Energy", flies to the northern palace to bring wisdom, creativity, intuition, tenacity and innovative thinking. Bearer of a powerful  Celestial Noble Qi , she attracts help or support from selfless people to overcome obstacles or advance in the work field. Also, she is a Peach Blossom star and as such, supports romance or the construction of harmonious personal relationships.

A key factor in the sector, it is a source of inspiration to produce new ideas or conduct activities that require exceptional creativity. However, living in the North, she is very strong and the presence of extreme yang characteristics, such as violent traffic streets or external royal water, can prompt her to channel infidelities, depression and emotional instability.

If you have a bedroom or office in the north in the year of the Tiger, it is very important for all genders to be careful about relationships, as double #1 stars in the north can attract unwanted romantic attention and love affairs.

 Feng Shui Adjustment 2022:

If you have a bedroom or other key factor here, try to weaken the strong Water Qi 水 with representations of the Wood Element 木, such as natural plant arrangements, cylindrical or green objects. Remove from the sector, any representation of the Water Element 水.

Introduce good quality metals to upgrade the #1 double star in the north this year.

 We have the Three Killers  located in the North in 2022, which makes it an important area to stay calm and quiet as much as possible. Have the TV or sound at a normal volume level in the north, although be sure to avoid renovations. avoid drilling or extreme noise. Being aware of the noise you are producing in the affected sector will help you a lot.

Avoid placing real fire (candles or incense) or earth this year, as this will drain the energy of the yearly #1 star, and could cause a loss of wealth throughout the year.

The best months for the north during 2022 are March, May, August, September, October and December.

Be especially careful in February, April, June, July, November and January (2023).

Wood element


Southeast – Star 4 Green 四绿

The Green 4 Star, flies to the southeast palace to make it the "Academic Sector of the Year". This "Literary Star" allows people to excel in studies or creative professions and build a fruitful social network. It also has properties that support romance or mating. Take advantage of the palace to improve your children's student performance or develop activities that demand inspiration, such as painting, sculpture, design or creative writing.

Leaving the southeast untreated during 2022 will draw unwanted attention to the lives of the home's occupants; like extramarital romantic relationships, to unwanted business contacts, so make sure to put your settings here. If it is a couple's bedroom, place the (real) fire element.

If your front door falls to the southeast of your home or workplace in 2022, this is very good and can bring many new opportunities into your life and new travel opportunities. It is important that the entrance is kept clean throughout the year and that no shoes are kept around the door unless they are in a shoe cabinet, as this will allow fresh Qi (energy) to enter the house.

You should treat the southeast of your home or office as your creativity and relationship area in 2022. If you have an office in the southeast, it would be best to hold meetings in this area. The southeast should be kept clean and tidy during 2022, as a clean space will create strong auspicious energy this year.

The best months are February, March, April, June, August, November, December and January (2023).

Take special care in May, July, August, September and October.

Adjust Feng Shui 2022

Living in the southeast, the 4 Green star is in a harmonic cycle with the resident star that you can preserve with associations of the elements Water 水 and Wood 木, such as a mini water garden.

Remember... For real water to function as an element, it must be in contact with the environment; therefore, when you add plants or flowers, they should not overshadow it. That is, water must be the protagonist.




        Sectores Negativos Feng Shui 2022

Center – Star 5 Yellow 五黄

In the Yang Water Tiger year, the Yellow 5 Emperor flies into the center palace, making it the most dangerous sector of any building. Under its influence, people tend to be erratic, temperamental, reckless in their decision making, and lose the ability to handle obstacles or be successful. It is advisable to keep this space quiet and, as far as possible, not to conduct important activities in it or use it for long periods of time.

Adjust Feng Shui 2022

In case you have a key factor under the influence of the 5 Yellow, minimize its negativity by placing 金 Metal countermeasures or cures, such as a pendulum clock and bell or Tibetan bol. Remove plants and any representation of the Fire element 火. Make sure to keep the space quiet, clean and tidy. Remember that the 5 Yellow Star should never be disturbed by invasive actions, such as breaking floors or drilling walls. 

A traditional setting is the salt water cure.

If your bedroom, office, living room, kitchen, or other important room falls in the middle during 2022, it is very important that you treat this room similar to the steps above, as daily human interaction will increase the chances of triggering the annual no 5.

Avoid placing fire colors or candles in the center of your home or office

If you can, avoid any renewal or inauguration; this includes building an extension, breaking through an internal wall, laying a patio, replacing a bathroom, and all other similar activities. If you have no choice but to do the job this year, try to do it when we have an up-and-coming monthly star in the central palace, which would be in March, April, May, July, September, December, and January (2023).

Be especially careful in February, June, August, October and November.

Southwest – Black Star 2 二黑

In the year 2022, the Black Star 2, or Sickness Monarch, flies to the southwestern palace, making it the "Sector of Sickness" of the year. A key factor under this influence is its ability to lower the immune system, exposing it to recurrent illnesses that, although minor, limit productivity and good performance. Additionally, it can alter emotions, channel apathy, procrastination, conflicts and bad decisions.

“The situation in the Southwest in 2022 warrants the suspension of human activity, especially by pregnant women and the elderly or those with impaired health“ 

If it is impossible for you to suspend the activity of the palace, you must take measures through your attitude to minimize its dangerous influence; lead a healthier lifestyle than usual and don't eat in questionable places

The Southwest is also the abode of the Sui Po Force   and therefore should not be disturbed by invasive activities or activities that generate loud noise.

  • The best months are February, April, June, September, October, November and January (2023).

  • Special care in March, May, July, August and December.

Adjustment to Feng Shui 2022:

Weaken the Black Star 2 through a decorative scheme, where the Metal element 金 is predominant. To represent it, use metallic objects and white or gray tones on the walls and complement it with a “ Chinese Pumpkin Cure ”. Remove plants and any object associated with the Fire element 火. You can also make use of a “金 Metal Cure”, such as the pendulum clock or the Tibetan bowl and if you have external space, use a 6 or 8 tube windchimes. For this adjustment, the Gregorian windchimes  o are very useful for the quality of their sound; the higher the sound quality, the better the effectiveness and vice versa. Place it outside the palace, in such a way that it can sound with the wind; if it doesn't ring, it won't be doing anything.

Do not place crystals here, as this will feed into the inherent energy of the annual number 2.

Avoid candles or bright lights at all costs. Check or update smoke alarms and other fire prevention methods.


East – Star 3 Jade 三碧

The 3 Jade Star, also known as the "Star of Disputes", flies to the eastern palace in the year 2022. Mildly incorrect external forms would activate its aggressive nature, inducing a bad temper, intolerance and stress. Under its negative influence, people feel the need to fight with everyone and for everything, thereby diminishing the quality of their personal relationships, especially that of their partner. In extreme cases, they may experience legal problems, betrayal, disloyalty, and financial loss from conflict or theft of any kind.

If you have a bedroom or office in the East, human interaction can activate the influence of the #3 stars; this is especially important for the eldest son and men in general, although this star will affect all occupants of the home and workplace when activated. Try not to worry if you spend extended periods of time in the east, as there is much you can do to weaken and avoid the influence of the annual number 3 star.

On February 3, 2022 and it will create double the energy of the #3 star, which can bring theft, loss of wealth, arguments, conflicts, legal problems and stress if not dealt with correctly.


Gentle external ways, however, can suppress your negativity, motivating you to bring creativity, competitiveness, willpower, and courage to make difficult changes. In any case, if you have a key factor here, do not underestimate the risks and undertake activities aimed at reducing stress; be tolerant, avoid discussions and do not make legal decisions without advice.

The best months are February, March, May, July, October, November and December.

Be especially careful in April, June, August, September and January (2023).

Adjustment to Feng Shui 2022:

To reduce the aggressiveness of the 3 Jade star, keep it weakened through the Fire element 火. Represent it with the color red, candles or an oil lamp that you can keep lit for a good part of the day. In any case, make sure you use objects that you can easily remove, when a monthly adjustment requires it. 


Avoid having water or metal cure in the east during 2022, because water will enhance the negative annual star, and metal will destroy the annual star, which is too strong energy and will cause much more serious problems.

Don't put wind chimes of any material in the east, as this will make things worse.

Take extra security measures for your entire home or business during 2022 and check smoke alarms regularly.


West – Red 7 Star 七赤

In feng shui 2022, the Red 7 star, also known as the Wounded Soldier or the Destroyer of Armies, flies into the western palace, making it a potentially dangerous environment for physical and emotional well-being. Although under the right conditions he can channel healthy competitiveness and verbal skills, his capacity for destruction should never be underestimated. A key factor with a hostile environment, it can channel volatile emotions, need for confrontation, theft of ideas or belongings, betrayal, loss of wealth due to scams or strong competition, traffic accidents, physical injuries with metal objects and illnesses that tend to require surgery .

The inherent energy of west is metal and although this puts metal and metal in neutral, left untreated it can still cause conflict and denotes assault, deception, violence and theft.

This area is not good for people suffering from lung problems such as asthma, although adjustments can be made to dissipate the negative influence, so don't worry.

When left untreated and activated, the west of your home and workplace can cause many problems related to theft, cheating, copyright theft, gossip, and backstabbing. To counteract the malevolent energy of the annual number 7, we will need to introduce some good quality water cures in the west for the year.

Adjustment to Feng Shui 2022 :

If you have the bedroom or other key factor here, keep the star 7 Red, weakened with associations of the elements Water 水 and Wood 木, such as un  mini water garden , strong blue or black objects and a healthy plant. In this way, you reduce the chance of it unleashing its destructive power.

Be especially careful during March, April, August, October, December and January (2023), as this will increase the chances of theft and arguments.

Do not use anything fire element or red color to control it as this can aggravate it.

Avoid candlelight at all costs in the West during 2022.​

Don't hang metal wind chimes here.

Place Water Element.

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