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Feng Shui (kan Yu), is an energy harmonization technique that refers not only to an organization of spaces, but mainly to the elevation of the consciousness of the being. Through the balance between the forces of nature AND the cosmos.


Its origin comes from China and means wind and water.

Classical Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that allows us to interpret how the energy flows of the universe affect buildings and their inhabitants. In its origins, classical Feng Shui was a secret technique that only the powerful members of the imperial courts benefited from. As it evolved, it lost its mystical veil and today it has become a valuable tool to improve quality of life, achieve well-being, harmonious relationships and spiritual wealth.

Its knowledge began approximately 4000 years ago. As a study of the best places for the tombs of the emperors, so that they were buried in auspicious places that would allow their descendants a continuity in power.  At the same time, Feng began to develop Shui for the residences of the Emperors.

The Feng Shui of tombs was called YIN Zhai and that of living beings YANG Zhai.

Classical Feng Shui is divided into two major branches which are SAN HE and SAN YUAN.   SAN HE means three harmonies and is based on the He Tu or Bagua of the previous sky, which analyzes the external and internal forms, landscape, paths that surround a construction._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ SAN YUAN means three cycles or three eras, it is based on the Bagua of the later heaven and analyzes the QI (energy) in a construction according to time and orientation.

The study of these two schools is called CLASSIC FENG SHUI

It is the science of the flow of vital energy.

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