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Feng Shui Numerology Free 3.19 is a fully functional free software dedicated to all feng shui enthusiasts. The program facilitates both the student and the professional consultant, the analysis of a geomantic chart, using the Xuan Kong Fei Xing system.

The software helps us calculate any of the 432 existing flying star maps, including all replacement geomantic charts, providing instant information on the different special cases, kua number relationships, visiting stars, water formulas, and many other features.

The Xuan Kong Fei Xing branch is a serious path towards the school of the compass [Li Qi], providing very valuable information about the life and temporality of a construction.

The calculations offered by the software are based on the date of construction or reform (if it is vital and important) of the property, as well as the magnetic degrees of its main orientation, known in feng shui as front or yang facade.

Once the time and magnetic orientation data have been entered, the Feng Shui Numerology software shows, in each directional block, the stars of water, mountains, time, with the possibility of optionally including visiting stars from different periods, such as annual and monthly. .

The water star is shown in the upper right corner, the mountain star in the upper left corner, and the time star in the center. Visiting stars are displayed at the bottom and in the following order (period, annual and monthly).


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