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Looking for feng shui advice? you are in the right place.

Paula Vélez is a Colombian, business administrator specialized in feng shui since 2013.

His training took place at the Monterrey Institute of Feng Shui endorsed by the prestigious Silvia Sacramento from Brazil, a pupil of the great master Joseph Yu of the Feng Shui Research Center.

Paula performs Feng Shui consultancies in Colombia and other countries such as the United States and Mexico. Now supported by current technology, it carries out its online consultancies all over the world. 

Harmonize the spaces and their influence in your life with the following studies:

Hexagram Interpretation,  4 Pillars of Destiny, Chinese Astrology, Xuan Kong Da Gua, Xuan Kong Fei Xing, Feng Shui Annual and Monthly Star Analysis,  Luo Pan, Feng Shui for Companies, Interpretation of Plans with Feng Shui, Books and Training Courses for Feng Shui Consultants.



A feng shui consultancy consists of harmonizing the energy map of your house based on the classical feng shui study schools and your personal map through the study of the four pillars of destiny. 
The energy map of your home, office, business or project is born at the time of its construction, the design of the place and the orientation taken with a compass from the entrance and feel of the place; With this information based on a mathematical scheme of numbers that indicate the lucky places and places to potentiate, the influence that this Qi (energy) has on the people who inhabit it is calculated. Each person perceives the energy individually, also depending on their date of birth, for this Chinese Philosophy the day and time with which people are born will give the luck and type of energy in their destiny. For this reason, the relationship of the way spaces influence people where they can be stimulated according to the energy of the person layer in aspects such as well-being, love, professional development and, above all, health.

My job will be to interpret and harmonize this energy for each inhabitant of the place of study, offering solutions in each space and person with the things and decoration that are already in this place, also the  changes that are required . This analysis includes the environment, the family in each space to consult and the harmonization of personal energy. You will learn how to manage from now on being aware of the type of energy you have in each space that surrounds you in your home or study site.
I customize my services to meet the specific needs of each client. I work closely with each other throughout the process and can guarantee you verifiable results.

What results to expect?

You will learn to be aware of your own energy and manage it, you will know which areas of your house are suitable for each member, it will be detailed information on the energy structure of the place of study and how this energy influences each person who inhabits it._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
I will give you a detailed explanation and PDF delivery of the recommendations, changes and why the sequence of some lived events that generate some deviations.  I will do a personalized follow-up of each change or aspect to improve; everything with what you already have, because this was selected by you and is to your liking; With this we already have a good portion of good energy earned. I will never pretend to put your home temple as a Chinese bazaar; the same elements, furniture, decoration accessories well placed and with the right service are the best bearers of a good Qi. of each inhabitant of the place and seeing short-term results.
I will be in continuous contact sending you the monthly and annual energy changes based on the first study carried out

What information do you require to start?

  • Architectural plan of the Place, if you do not have these plans, we can make a drawing taking  como  one meter every centimeter of a ruler.

  • Year of construction of the place

  • Year of remodeling or significant changes such as roof or window frames. (This information does apply to the study). If it is a feng shui building plan survey, the buyers' architectural plans and dates of birth are sufficient.

  • Dates of birth of the people who inhabit the place

  • Measurements of the entrance door looking out or selected place as front as well as the seat.

  • If the counseling is online, a schedule of video calls scheduled for each proportion of information from each school of study, for example the study of the school of forms or foreign study.

Our home manifests the state of our being and soul.

Get in touch today and find out how I can help you decorate your soul and space.




 LESS THAN 350 mt

Consulting on harmonizing your home is a joint effort  that will allow us to transform this place into a place of harmony and source of positive energy

$160 USD

Consulting on harmonizing your home is a joint effort  that will allow us to transform this place into a place of harmony and a source of positive energy.

$196 USD

Feng Shui in a local acquisition project,  starts from the correct choice of the location of the premises, whether it is on the street or in a shopping center.

$145 USD



The principles used for the location of an office or workplace are essentially the same  as for selecting a location for a project or business.

$236 USD

Do you have a project or idea that you would like to make a reality? I offer my clients a wide variety of consulting services since I founded my business.

Contact me to know more 

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