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Decoración de interiores

When changes are made to our environment, the result is a change in all aspects of our lives.


The first thing you should have clear is an action plan, set three objectives that you want to achieve with this consultancy.

Be clear about what you want to achieve  and I will provide you with a plan to do it with their respective periodic follow-ups.


For example, a great teacher said, “Activating a prosperous star and waiting for money to arrive  from heaven is useless.”  _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Now, if you have a concrete plan to get more clients for your business and for this well-being to reach your home, then the star can help you.


For the stars or energetic activations to help, you must be in tune with them. For this you need to tune in thought-emotion-action


  1. Try to form a clear image of what you want to achieve

  2. Feel as if you have already achieved what you want

  3. Take action in the real world



  • Report, study and analysis of the dwelling - face-to-face or virtual meeting with a history of the house, people who live in it - delimitation of objectives.

  • Analysis of the exterior of the house, especially oriented towards the Celestial Guardians. Terrain forms and  Ming Tang.

  • Internal shapes  Bagua map of the house – complete analysis, General layouts of a house. (BA-ZHAI school)

  • Mingua number   of each of the people who live in the house, favorable and unfavorable orientations. How to enhance your personal goals at home – favorable and unfavorable portents for each person who lives in the house.

  • Horoscope analysis  Chino- general description of personality based on four pillars of destiny: year,  day and time of birth of each inhabitant of the house.

  • Ba Gua map analysis:  complete in house

  • Flying star analysis: studying the system as a whole, time and space. Its combination based on the objectives set.

  • Analysis of each of the rooms: façade, orientation of the bed, study tables, harmony in the family, health, love, etc.

  • Recommendations to be made before activating and strengthening objectives and goals.

  • How to activate Feng Shui for the different aspirations.

  • How to decorate your house, colors for the different rooms, improvements to be made, complementary decoration, location of furniture and reorganization of the space.

In the study of feng shui practical examples are provided to make the corresponding changes, always leaving absolute freedom to your tastes, decoration style  and of course to your imagination.



Based on the size (in footage) and levels of the house, a quote will be made that you can pay online


An online study has many advantages

  1. Cheaper than a face-to-face one since I do not have to travel.

  2. We can do it from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access and a mobile.

  3. You decide when you start applying it

  4. Periodic online follow-ups.  60-day follow-ups by whats up or Skype


I agree to be sent information related to the study of feng shui.

Keep in mind that to receive a Feng Shui consultancy, it is necessary to have the following information at hand:

  • Architectural plan of the place.

  • Year of construction.

  • Information about renovations and changes in the place.

  • People's dates of birth.

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